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Woodland is now available on demand in at least 4 countries: US, UK, Japan and Canada. Some of the places you can find it is Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, VUDU, and Sky Store. So if you live in one of these countries and want to watch Woodland, now is your chance.

Amanda only does a voice over for the movie but I plan on heading to Amazon and taking a peek at the movie. If there’s anything to capture, I’ll add it to the gallery.



FanX has announced that due to scheduling conflicts, Amanda has had to postpone her appearance at the con. Her appearance has only been postponed so hopefully we’ll get to see her next year. FanX is offering two options if you’ve purchased a photo op. The first, of course, is a full refund. The second is an option to transfer or upgrade for another celebrity.

You may upgrade or swap your Amanda Tapping Photo op to another guest appearing at the show. Service fees will apply. All transactions final. To upgrade your Voucher, open the Photo Op confirmation email that was sent to you from GrowTix, and view your order. Click the purple button that says “Upgrade” or the purple button that says “Swap”. A new window will appear with a drop-down list of eligible guests. Select the product you would like to Upgrade or Swap to and pay the difference if applicable.

Issue yourself a self-service refund. You may receive a full refund for the Amanda Tapping Photo Op. First, log into your Growtix account and view your order. You will see a red button below the Amanda Tapping Photo Op product that says “Refund Product”. Click “Refund Product”.

You can find the announcement posted to their facebook page here



I’ve put up a new layout for the site. I’ve been sitting on it for a while and finally had the time to put it up. The sidebar is a little off but I’m working on it. My skills are a little rusty at this point. It will be fixed but it might take me a few days to figure it out.

I added all the conventions that Amanda has been confirmed for to the sidebar. There are a few upcoming ones that she was scheduled to appear at last year but her appearance hasn’t been re-confirmed for the new date. I left those off the list.



I’ve added captures from Travelers 3.04 to the gallery. Warning for those that have not yet watched season three, there are spoilers abound. I’ve left them out of the preview images but as soon as you click on the gallery links, you will see them.



I’ve updated the sidebar with a few new projects.
Amanda will once again be directing and acting(!) in Travelers season three. We do have to find out what her character is up to after all. Did she kidnap Traveler 001’s kid? Is she really a good character or has she turned to the dark side?
Then, of course, there’s Supernatural. Seems she’s impressed a few people on this show and she’ll be back to direct at least one episode for season 14. It’ll be episode 10.
And big news for Woodland (formerly Crypto), it’s having it’s world premiere at the Whistler film festival next month. Passes for the festival are already on sale, but single film tickets won’t be available until November 14.