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as Dr. Jaeger
1.07 Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye

In the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war, a fun loving trio of bounty hunters attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants.

Package Deal
as Jillian Sharpe
Status: Hiatus
Calm, cool, collected, and deadly with her words, Jillian plays favourites when it suits her and has no patience for “suck ups.” Outside of the office, she’s left a trail of ex-husbands in her wake and owns a Shih Tzu she can’t house train.


Hell in a Handbag
as Mother Superior
Status: Post- Production

A video surfaces in the media that appears to show a local Parish priest executing a defenseless man. The church brings in lawyer David Mallory to defend the priest and protect its interests. As David gathers the information he needs for the defense, he sees that things are not entirely what they appear to be.

Kid Cannabis
as Nate's Mom
An eighteen year old high school drop out and his twenty-seven year old friend start trafficking marijuana across the border of Canada in order to make money and their lives are changed forever.

Random Acts of Romance
as Dianne
Random Acts of Romance is an anti-romantic comedy about two couples whose relationships are falling apart and three singles who lead them down a dark path as they try to capture love.

Space Milkshake
as Valentina
Four blue collar astronauts who are stuck together on a Sanitation Station after they bring a mysterious device aboard their ship and all life on Earth disappears. Discovering what happened to civilization is only the first of many galactic-level crises the astronauts will have to face as they are about to come under attack by a mutating rubber duck named Gary, who wants to open a portal to his evil dimension and take over the Universe.


X Company
2.07 TBA, 2.08 TBA
Airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBC

X Company is an emotionally-driven character drama, set in the thrilling and dangerous world of WWII espionage and covert operations. It follows the stories of five highly skilled young recruits - Canadian, American and British - torn from their ordinary lives to train as agents in an ultra-secret facility on the shores of Lake Ontario. These agents parachute behind enemy lines, where they're fair game for torture and execution. From elegant hotels to hellholes in the field, it's one risky operation after another, masterminded by the brains of Camp X.

Family for Christmas
Hallmark Channel Movie
After a conversation with a man playing Santa Claus during her office Christmas party, a woman wakes up to find herself married to her college sweetheart and two kids and questions her life choices.

Dark Matter
1.04 Episode Four
Renewed for Second Season
A group of six people with no memory of who they are and where they came from wake up on a starship. Naming themselves "One" through "Six" in order of their awakening, they stabilize their vessel and begin trying to figure out what happened to them.

Srange Empire
1.03 Other Powers
Strange Empire is a Western whose heroes are women. With most of their men gone, and those who remain battling for control, the women struggle to survive, to find their independence, and to build a life in which to thrive and raise families. As the stories of Janestown's citizens unfold we see the clash between a power-hungry father and son and the deep prejudices among races, but also the start of something akin to community in this Wild West. Western stories take civilization as a goal; they begin in blood, and end in the morality of Main Street.

1.05 Blood Brothers, 1.06 The Lexicon, 1.10 Heritage, 1.11 The Speed of Time
Olympus centers on how a few brave men and women banished the gods to the realm of the unconscious: a place they called the Underworld, or the Kingdom of Hades. The series follows Hero on his journey as he transforms from a fresh-faced and raw young man through the dramatic experiences of betrayal, love, disappointment, empowerment and exile, until he emerges a ruthless leader of man and a match for the gods themselves.


London, England (UK)
October 21 - 23, 2016

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Good doctors come and go. But the really great ones have always seen beyond the boundaries of science, beyond the known. The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable.

— Helen Magnus


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RAoR EPK, VDay Interview and Screencaptures

I decided that it’d be fun to have sort of a Random Acts of Romance countdown. I was suppose to start yesterday with T-minus 10 days but I had the pleasure of being visited by the hard drive failure fairy. I lost everything I didn’t have saved, which included my countdown. I’m going to attempt to reconstruct it as best as I can. Day 10 was an interview with The Province Online complete with screencaptures of the interview. Day 9 was going to be the movie EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with accompanying screencaptures. Since it wasn’t ready yesterday, I combined them for today.

Ten Days until random Acts of Romance Premieres at VIFF
The Province Online conducted a Valentine’s Day interview on the set of RAoR. The video has been added to the media archive and screencaptures have been added to the gallery.

• CATEGORY: (INTERVIEWS) > The Province Online
• Screencaptures > 2012 > The Province Online Interview

Nine Days until Random Acts of Romance Premieres at VIFF
Electronic Press Kit. The videos had been added to the media archive and screencaptures have been added to the gallery.

• CATEGORY: (FILM AND TELEVISION) > Random Acts of Romance EPK
• Screencaptures > 2012 > Random Acts of Romance EPK

Check back tomorrow for more Random Acts of Romance goodies.

Tapping Tuesdays are Back (Video)

#TappingTuesday’s are back on twitter starting September 25th. All you have to do is send your questions to @sanctuary4kids with the hashtag #tappingtuesday.

2012 Amanda Tapping Birthday Project: Last Chance to Participate

This is the absolute last part of the birthday project. We wanted to give everyone a chance to participate and came up with this simple, yet effect way. Just complete the phrase Thank You Amanda for ____ and send it to us by Wednesday August 22. You only get 140 characters, including signing your name. If you’re on twitter just send them to @ATOnline or you can email them to There’s no limit to how many you may send. If you want to get creative, handwrite them and scan the page. This is open to everyone, even if you’ve already sent something for the scrapbook. No donation is required, just a couple minutes of your time.

*Note: We will still accept donations until Wednesday August 22 but we’re no longer accepting pages for the scrapbook.

2012 Amanda Tapping Birthday Project: Email Deadline Tomorrow

Did you miss the deadlines for the birthday project? Don’t worry, we still have a way for you to participate. Instead of mailing us your stuff, we’re opening email submissions until Sunday August 19th. The same guidelines apply for this as with the mailed stuff. Each submission must be accompanied by a donation confirmation. $5 minimum for half a page. $10 minimum for a full page. No email submissions will be accepted after Sunday or without a donation confirmation.

*If you’d just like to make a donation to Sanctuary for Kids without sending anything to include in the scrapbook, that’s also an option. Just forward us your donation confirmation.

We still have one more part to the scrapbook project that we’ll announced after Sunday. Don’t forget to check back for that information.

As always, if you have any questions you can email or tweet them. It may take me a day or so but I always respond. Those of you that are waiting for a response will get it by tomorrow. I promise.

2012 Amanda Tapping Birthday Project Deadlines are here

The deadline for mailing in your birthday project contributions is here. Tomorrow (August 9th) is the postmark deadline for those in North America and August 11th is the postmark deadline for everyone else. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And don’t forget to spread the word. Once both deadlines pass, I’ll post the deadline for the absolute last possible day for email contributions.

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