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as Dr. Perrow
2.01, 2.11, 2.12

Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to change the path of humanity.


Woodland (formerly Crypto)
as Donna

When junkie photojournalist Jake takes work as watchman of a remote wilderness lodge alongside veteran handyman Sparky, he shoots and develops his own photos - which begin to reveal spectres of his haunted past and uncertain future.


Season 3 Episodes TBA

Hundreds of years from now, surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back through time, into people of the 21st century, while attempting to save humanity from a terrible future.

2.08 Struggling Against the Perception of Facts
The adventures of a young orphaned girl living in the late 19th century. Follow Anne as she learns to navigate her new life on Prince Edward Island, in this new take on L.M. Montgomery's classic novels.

1.08 Being Human
A mermaid-obsessed town is turned upside down when a mysterious girl appears and begins wreaking havoc.

14.10 TBA
Two brothers follow their father's footsteps as "hunters", fighting evil supernatural beings of many kinds, including monsters, demons, and gods that roam the earth.


A 25th Anniversary Salute to Stargate
Rosemont, Illinois, USA
June 21-23, 2019 (Sunday only)

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Odds and Ends

I have a few odds and ends to let you know about so I’m combining it all into one update.

AT Online Projects: We will be doing another birthday project this year to benefit Sanctuary for Kids. The information will be posted a few weeks from now and you’ll have until August to get it to us. There will also be another virtual event to benefit Sanctuary for Kids. We’re currently planning VAT2 and have lots of fun things to fill a weekend and some items to auction off.

Favour Magazine: Amanda was featured in the latest issue of Favour Magazine. Thanks to Jen for sending in the scan.

Peace Fund Radio: If you missed Amanda talking about Sanctuary for Kids on Peace Fund Radio, the entire show for that day is in their archives here. Amanda is at the beginning and continues for most of the show.

Fan Project: Some fans are putting together a video for Amanda’s birthday. Head on over to the tumblr page for it and check it out. It looks like all you have to do is fill in the blank and finish the phrase.

Pictures from The Sanctuary Experience

I never realized that hadn’t added my pictures from The Sanctuary Experience to the gallery. They’re there now and they’re your “present” for today. I was directly in the actors line of sight all weekend, and I have to say, it’s incredibly awkward to take pictures when they spend a lot of their time looking at you. So I resorted to snapping a few pictures whenever they weren’t looking my way.

I didn’t skip yesterday on purpose, I’m having video problems. Yesterdays “present” was suppose to be video of Amanda on the Ghost Hunters Halloween Special a few years ago. First, the last 10 minutes of the video was damaged and I had to re-edit it and now I can’t seem to get any of the parts to upload. I’ll keep working on it and let you know as soon as it’s available. It’s the entire length of her appearance on the show, which edited together, lasts about an hour.

• Conventions > 2010 > The Sanctuary Experience

I really need to get out of the habit of updating so late at night. I’m always worried that no one is going to see it because it gets buried under all the stuff that happen after.

Primeval: New World Featurette and Urban Rush Screencaptures

I’ve added captures from the Primeval featurette about Amanda directing as well as captures from the skype interview from Paris.

• Screencaptures > 2012 > Primeval: New World Featurettes > Episode 1.06 – Amanda Tapping Directs
• Screencaptures > 2012 > Urban Rush > November 6, 2012

Virtual Amanda Tapping Event (VAT1) Roundup

I’m sure you’re all excited to see how our first annual virtual Amanda Tapping event (VAT1) went. It comes as no surprise how generous Amanda fans are. We see it time and again when it comes to any fundraiser for Sanctuary for Kids.

This weekend we put together a virtual weekend for those not going to AT6. It’s the first (but not last) of it’s kind. It was very last minute, details coming to me as I was driving home from the store a week and a half ago. While we may have started off small, we finished with a bang. Going into this we had no idea if we’d sink or swim and I can’t thank everyone enough fo making sure we didn’t drown.

I’ve never known a group of people that are as generous or kind as Amanda fans. There’s no words to express how thankful I am for every donation that comes through one of these projects we do. I hope you know that each and every email I’ve received or will receive means a great deal and I just want everyone to know how grateful I am to be part of such an amazing group of people.

Before we get to the big reveal some facts you may like to know:
• people who went to AT6 and didn’t participate AT ALL in our weekend, still made pledges
• if pledges didn’t come up people are donating anyway.
• people are donating MORE than what they pledged to Sanctuary for Kids

And drumroll please…

We raised…
$215 from the scavenger hunt
$666 from the pledges
$119 donation
Bringing the grand total (right now) to $1,000
First place winner in the scavenger hunt was Chantelle
Second place winner in the scavenger hunt was Vicki

As more and more donation receipt come in, I’ll update the total if it’s needed.

The one thing I think I’ve been asked more than anything is if I’m going to post the scavenger hunt clues for everyone to see. Now I’m not sure if this is wise. Everyone will see how evil I was this weekend and no one may want to play next year. I suppose I’ll just take the chance that you guys will forget once VAT2 comes around. One can hope anyway. Just know that each and every one of these things could have been found in the gallery here. I need to assemble the pictures that made me think of each clue and then I’ll post them for everyone to see.

For now you can find the scavenger hunt clues under the cut.

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Virtual Amanda Tapping Event to Benefit Sanctuary for Kids

Not going to AT6 but still want to help Sanctuary for Kids? You’re not alone.

A couple of days ago three people brought up the idea of a virtual event held the same weekend as AT6 for those that weren’t going (whether by choice or because it’s too expensive). Give me an idea and my brain runs with it. Within a short amount of time not only had I come up with something to do on short notice for this year, I also had a bigger idea for next year (if this year is successful). We’re going to keep it simple this year and see how it goes.

(click image for event page)

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